Being your own cheerleader is empowering!

It is now almost 3 months since I've seen the European sun shining down on my face. (Yes I know it's technically the same sun but let me be poetic please:) 3 months has gone by and I just now have a somewhat simple moment - free of anything I must be doing to sit … Continue reading Being your own cheerleader is empowering!

How philosophy changed my life

8 months ago, I wrote this essay to my professor reflecting on the course I took, Social and Political Philosophy. I stumbled upon it while I was looking through old notes to help me write my final paper for my current philosophy course that I am taking abroad. After reading it, almost forgetting I had … Continue reading How philosophy changed my life

food is neither good nor bad (but thinking makes it so)

the defiance of gravity

“You eat healthy, don’t you?” I actually cringe when I am asked this, although before I loved this association.  Now when this question is directed towards me people most likely wish that they never asked because I end up launching into a tangent that sounds something like this…

All food is healthy.

If it is providing your body with fuel and nutrition, it is healthy. However, there are variations in how much nutrition it provides, the function of it in your body, and whether or not it is in accordance with your goals and personal health conditions.

“Oh, that food isn’t good for you”

“I ate so bad today”

“That food isn’t clean”

How often do we hear this from people (or maybe even ourselves)? Way. Too. Much. Most of the time I don’t jump in with my nutritional two sense, but in truth I’m holding myself back from…

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